About us

The Red Cross is a nonprofit and nonsectarian organization that aims to extend assistance to people in need. The help that the organization gives includes those that involve accidents, emergencies, medicines, treatments, and other medical aids. This website focuses on providing relief to all sectors of society in Slovakia.

Who are we

We represent the international organization of the Red Cross in this country of Slovakia. Our team is composed of both representatives from other nations and locals who want to help people in this country that are devastated by disasters or involved in emergencies. Website visitors who are interested in joining our organization are welcome to sign up – not to add traffic for website reviews but for volunteerism. Our advocacy brings a certain kind of Amsterdam Heineken experience to the volunteers that are both rewarding and humbling.

What do we offer

Our goal as an organization is to alleviate the problems of the Slovakian environment through different activities and missions. We allocate budget for emergency assistance, especially to those families who are in war-torn areas. In cases of typhoons and other natural disasters, you can also find teams situated in different locations to help and assist the government and other private institutions that also want to give their medical and financial support.

Red Cross aims to equip people and companies the ability to protect themselves during times of emergencies. In line with this principle, we have developed programs for trained personnel to impart knowledge on the steps to implement in times of emergencies like giving CPR, using cravats, and utilizing spine boards and other tools.