What is the Red Cross?

The Red Cross is a humanitarian organization that is located in a number of countries and nations to give assistance to the people who are in need of medical help. It is a nonsectarian organization that does not side with any party, group, or belief system.

Ever since its establishment in the 1800s, the people who manage and run the organization always see those in need of treatment and medical assistance as an opportunity to extend help. The Red Cross does not take part in any social or political issues regarding the countries that it serves in. As long as people need aid, the Red Cross will see to it that it supplies everything that it can to alleviate the current situation.

Do you have volunteers in your organization?

Yes. We have a lot of volunteers who sign up with us. These people share the same advocacy that we have in helping people. These volunteers include those from both the private and public sector. We get help from businesses that provide Amsterdam canal tours or cheap hotels in Amsterdam. We get thousands of registrations from those in the medical and engineering fields.
If you have the time and the resources to help us, we will gladly welcome you here.

What do you do in Slovakia?

What we do in Slovakia is the same as what we do in different parts of the globe. We offer medical assistance, crisis management for nations that undergo natural disasters and emergencies.

Aside from disaster relief and assistance, what else do you do?

We accept blood donations from volunteers. The Red Cross in one of the best resources of blood that you can use during emergencies.
We also provide training and certification for those who want to develop skills in providing medical assistance in their workplace and in the general public environment.

How can I register to your website?

You can go to our Registration page to be able to sign up to our website. Be updated with news, reviews, and articles about our activities in the organization.

Where can I ask questions about your organization?

You can send your questions to us through our Contact Page.