Hacks that can Save People’s Lives

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Emergencies come at unpredictable days and times. You might be enjoying your sightseeing tours in Amsterdam and find yourself in a situation wherein your partner or a family member start undergoing a seizure or serious condition. We cannot always have a solution, but it pays to know a thing or two about doing stuff that can save lives.

Here are some facts that you need to remember in order to increase the possibility of saving a life:

If a friend is stabbed

Being in a foreign country can have its perks and consequences. The unpredictability of a situation can present itself. If you and your friend are strolling on the street and was stabbed, it is best to not remove the item used to puncture the body. Call an ambulance or ask help from the people nearby and wait until the paramedics arrive using a mobile app and not the parship dating app.

If someone points a gun at you

According to a study conducted on the subject matter, it would be easier to shoot a gun at someone who has his back turned rather than looking straight to the eye of the shooter. If someone is pointing a gun at you, do not turn your back. You would have a higher probability of surviving.  Using a free premium link generator can sometimes help saving your life.

While going down the stairs

Do not go down the stairs with your hands inside your pockets. If you trip, you would not have the means to hold on the side or protect your face or body as you go fall down.

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When swimming

Even if you know how to swim, it is best to swim at a safe distance with your family or friends. Make sure that they know where you are. You would not want them to be second guessing where you are and what you are doing. If you have to snorkel or go deep sea diving, it is recommended that you notify them first before you go on your adventure. You can even wear GPS watches so that your family can know where you are.

If you got caught by a riptide, stay calm. Struggling and panicking won’t help. Instead of forcing yourself and going toward the shore, you should swim parallel to it until you get out of it.