What to Put in Your Disaster Preparation Kit

Disaster usually strikes when we least expect it. You can be on an Amsterdam holiday or be at home while your tech blog when an emergency or a crisis surfaces. To ready ourselves in these types of uncontrollable conditions, it is best to be proactive about it and prepare for it before it comes to us.

What should your disaster preparation kit contain?

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First Aid kit

A disaster preparation kit would not be complete unless you include different kinds of medicines and first aid kit in it. Your first aid kit must have a set of medicines for the usual diseases like colds, headache, and coughs. It must have scissors, band-aids, bandages, gauze tape, depressors, and the like. Because disasters would probably last more than a day, it would be wise to fill your kit as many items as feasibly possible to guarantee your safety and protection. You can go to online shops like Lazada and Zalora to purchase first aid products at a discount with agoda discount code.


Emergencies and crises can take days or weeks. You should have sufficient food for you and your family so that you will not go hungry until the disaster subsides or until you receive help. To prepare for unforeseeable events, it is best to stock food that can last for months without getting spoiled. Canned meat is acceptable.


Emergency power failure can take months before being restored. You would need flashlights and extra batteries so that you can maneuver yourself at night safely. Get high-quality and long-lasting batteries in order to secure light for weeks.  You can get this at a discounted price through promotional code on products.

Drinking water

We cannot survive if we do not have potable water in our house. Some disasters may cause temporary stoppage of water supply to our homes. You should have water to drink for your family. Since you cannot stock large volumes of water in the house, it would be safe to at least have sufficient amount of water that can last you for a week until you find a water source that is near you.

Other stuff

Other items that your kit should have are dusk masks, towels, soaps, garbage bags, maps, can opener, backup phone with charger, milk formula for babies, pet food, sleeping bag, disposable utensils and plates, and matches.